Hydrogen Cars: Prototypes Tested

Hydrogen cars are being put on show in auto shows around the world. Although major American automakers are faced with stiff problems due to looming economic recession but few of them have managed to still move ahead with their hydrogen car development projects. Currently all the big car manufacturers are working on the projects to develop new hydrogen cars or use existing models of their cars to be converted into hydrogen cars.

In the past few years, many prototypes have been staged on public view and are put to on-road test. We will see some of the promising prototypes that might have the key to the future of Hydrogen Cars. Honda Motors is one of the most trusted car brands around the world. Their cars are unique, reliable and something to look forward to. Honda had in the past revealed their plan to bring out hydrogen cars as they believe the future of the auto industry lies in this alternate fuel.

FCX Clarity is Honda's answer to hydrogen cars. It is a sedan, which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells. According to the details provided by Honda, the FCX Clarity weighs around 3,600 pounds and delivers 134 horsepower from its hydrogen fuel cell engine. The 189 pound-feet of torque is another impressive feature of FCX Clarity. Although the engineering of this hydrogen car from Honda stable is still not as perfect as their other cars but those few niggles are expected when something revolutionary is being brought up. The interiors of the car are beautiful and there is plenty of space inside. Car runs up to 270 miles before it needs any further refueling. Engine makes some noise.

Then there is General Motor's Hydrogen4. GM has used its indigenously designed and developed fourth generation fuel cells in this hydrogen car. The Hydrogen4 accelerates from 0 to 60 within 12 seconds, something brilliant to look up to in hydrogen cars. The hydrogen fuel cell used is a 440-cell stack. The car can take you about 200 miles before it should be taken to a fuel station. The top speed of this hydrogen car is 100 miles.

Suzuki is also developing a Hydrogen car of its own. However, they are using a GM designed fuel cell in their hydrogen car SX4 FCV. The car is said to have impressive looks with 155 miles nonstop drive before refueling, the top speed of 93 miles per hour at the maximum power of 107 horsepower. The car has 10,000-psi hydrogen tank with a 68-kilowatt electric motor.

The BlueZero F-cell is what Mercedes will bet on during Detroit Auto Show for its stand in the race to develop Hydrogen cars. Due to the company's policy not much is known until but some information afloat in the market confirm that the BlueZero F-cell from Mercedes a 100 kilowatt electric motor with a 249 miles drive range before refueling. The maximum power to be expected from this car is 136 horsepower along with 236 lb-ft of torque.

Most of the companies have already put these cars to road tests and various other tests to identify the areas that need further improvements. Nevertheless, the cars cannot be put on sale for public until a hydrogen infrastructure is brought up.