Benefits Of Hydrogen Cars

Nature is as cruel as it is beautiful. It has blessed different nations with different resources. The countries that are rich in oil are poor in vegetation and plantation. However, the power of black gold has given them ample strength to polarize the world politics and economies from time to time. Along with this the depleting oil resources has further added to the woes of the nations. It has spurred a series of reactions like rise in oil prices and inflation. Global warming and environmental pollution are other threatening factors to be countered. Transport sectors with its cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks and rail is a major sector requiring oil as well as contributing to the emissions.

Hydrogen cars are being touted as the cars that hold the future. They are eco-friendly cars that use hydrogen as its primary fuel. The engine in these cars converts the chemical energy of the hydrogen in to the mechanical energy. This mechanical energy obtained drives the hydrogen cars. Automobile manufacturing companies are currently in the phase of research and development of the hydrogen cars. Many prototypes have been developed and tested. There are many benefits of Hydrogen cars.

The hydrogen as a fuel is CLEAN. It leaves no emissions after burning other than water vapour. Water vapors as an emission are absolutely harmless to the environment. Thus, the hydrogen cars will in a big way be our solution to the harmful toxic emissions that have been ruining our environment. Global warming will also be controlled as it hydrogen cars will be emissions neutral vehicles with no significant greenhouse gases emitted.

The other benefit of hydrogen cars is that the hydrogen fuel can be obtained from MULTIPLE SOURCES and for a very long time. The current technologies from which we can obtain hydrogen are coal gasification and biomass gasification that use the conventional fossil fuels like petrol, coal, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and the more recent bio-wastes to produce hydrogen. Even electrolysis is used to produce hydrogen from water.

ENERGY SECURITY is one of the biggest benefits of using hydrogen cars. The success of hydrogen cars will clear way for using this technology in other vehicles. This will reduce the dependence of many nations on imported oil thus boosting energy security. It will also result in al lot of savings for the nations.

The hydrogen as a fuel is SAFE to use. Hydrogen is used in industry for welding and other purposes. If the safety measures drawn are followed properly while installing hydrogen tanks in the cars then the safety of hydrogen fuel will not be an issue.

The ENVIRONMENTAL benefit of using hydrogen cars cannot be looked down. They ought to reduce our carbon footprint hugely. The harmful greenhouse gas emissions as well those toxic nitrogenous and sulfurous gas emissions will also be minimized. In addition, our existing fossil fuel reserves can also be used for a longer time then. Truly, with such magnitude of benefits hydrogen cars do hold the future of a green world.