Are Hydrogen Cars Really The Cars Of The Future?

Hydrogen is a good fuel, hydrogen can power our cars, hydrogen can power our homes, hydrogen will reduce emissions and much pros and cons are heard by us daily as we hear the news of rising fuel cost and increasing threat to our survival because of global warming. So many car companies around the world are working on projects to develop hydrogen cars. However, many of us just forget or miss to ask one simple question: are hydrogen cars really the cars of future?

Since we learned that the fossil fuel reserves are limited and may last only a few decades or a century, our governments the world over started looking for alternative modes of energy. We come across solar, wind, tidal, hydro, geothermal and biological waste derived forms of energy in today's scenario. Hydrogen has been a fuel for rockets for a long time now, but it is finding its way to our car fuel tanks now only. Projects on developing cars that can run on some of the above stated alternative fuels are also underway.

Hydrogen is the lightest element of our known metal chemistry. It has properties of resemblance with other elements also and is a proven fuel. It is an explosive fuel whose flames remain undetectable from eyes. So it has this additional requirement of being handled with extra care. However, there are many positives of using hydrogen as a fuel, which really set the tone in favor of hydrogen cars as our future cars.

Hydrogen as an element or gas is not present in free form in our atmosphere but as a compound in the bound form with oxygen forming water, it is covering over seventy present of earth's solid surface. So it provides us with a source of extracting and obtaining an endless supply of hydrogen for a very long time. The next need is to develop the technology that will effectively extract hydrogen from water. We know the reaction called electrolysis studied by all of us in high school, but there is a lot to it. It has to be improved and made more efficient for industrial scale extraction.

The storage of hydrogen is also a problem that needs to be sorted out. Hydrogen gas has to be stored in highly compressed liquid form. The other problem of building enough hydrogen infrastructures also needs attention before rolling out hydrogen cars for public use.

Now the finer points, Hydrogen cars will not only free us from fuel woes but also be the greatest tool towards helping protect our environment. With only water vapors as their emissions they cause no carbon emissions hence they are also called emission-neutral vehicles, thus reducing green house effect as well as global warming. With the use of hydrogen based cars, fuel prices will also come down and ultimately result in a lot of savings for the people.

As we already know about the limit of the fossil fuel reserves, so it will reduce the fear of running out of oil and enhance the oil security of nations. Even the source of hydrogen is locally distributed on the global level so no tussles in international politics behind the power of the black gold.

Keeping the above stated problems in mind and the larger picture of the benefits of hydrogen cars it is very true that hydrogen cars are the cars of the future.